Q&A with Alexandra Pichert

Current Job: Assistant Photo Editor at InStyle.com

Degrees: Magazine Journalism and Graphic Design

Graduated: 2011

 By Michael Lopez

prichertAlexandra Pichert thanks Drake for helping her get to New York. As a senior, she was the graphic designer for the first ever digital edition of Urban Plains magazine. It was released in the fall of 2010, just a few months after Apple released the iPad. She’s done freelance photography and graphic design work for everything from Family Circle magazine to Rolling Stone, and it is her education at Drake that prepared her for every job she’s taken on.

How did Drake prepare you for your current career?

The course work definitely helps. When I was a senior, I did the capstone project, which really taught me a lot about magazines, the industry, and how it all works. I really learned a lot from the professors.

What does your job entail?

I’m currently an assistant photo editor for Instyle.com. I do a lot of photo research and editing. I work with the editors and come up with the best photos to illustrate our stories, and I come up with different story gallery ideas for fashion and beauty sections. I deal with hiring photographers and, during fashion week, coordinating the photographer schedule list.

What do you like most about your position?

I love working with fashion and being able to work closely with editors to pitch different story and photo gallery ideas. I like being able to look through photos and find different, upcoming trends.

How did majoring in graphic design help you in the work field?

Graphic design definitely helped me a lot. I did a lot of art and design internships. I prefer designing and working with photography, but I think graphic design and magazine journalism work well together as majors.

What were some skills you took away from past employment that help you today?

My past internships have taught me the basics in working in the magazine industry. At each place, I learned different design aspects and ways of doing things, which gives me a different perspective and allows me to bring more to the table.

How did you find internships and jobs?

Drake helped a lot. I did an internship at Meredith while at Drake. Once I graduated, I applied for different internships, and then I got a job. The support from the professors definitely helpful. I sent a few crazy emails to Professor Inman just freaking about everything, and he was very helpful. Also, being able to reach out to the alumni here in New York already working in the industry was a big help.

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