What’s Keeping Drake Journalism Students Busy This Summer

Just because the semester is over doesn’t mean Drake journalism students are slowing down! Many have landed big internships and post-grad jobs. Check out where SJMC students and graduates are headed.


Olivia Albers – E-Commerce Intern at Better Homes & Gardens in Des Moines

Hannah Bruneman – Copy-Flow Coordinator in Meredith Special Interest Media and Editorial Intern for Ladies’ Home Journal in Des Moines

Morgan Cannata – Design Intern at Plum Tree Group in Chicago

Austin Cannon – Sports Copy Editor (Dow Jones News Fund Intern) at the Hartford Courant in Hartford, CT

Brian Taylor Carlson– Editorial Assistant at Midwest Living in Des Moines

Maggie Dickman – Employee Communications Intern at Principal Financial Group in Des Moines

Janet Eckles – Videography Intern at Preemptive Love Coalition in Sulaymaniya, Kurdistan

Taylor Eisenhauer – Communications Intern at the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation in Des Moines

Zoe Ekonomou – Editorial Intern at Austin Way in Austin, TX

Courtney Fishman – Editorial (ASME) Intern at Advertising Age in New York City

Sarah Fulton – Scripps Howard Foundation Intern in Washington, D.C.

Jennifer Gardner – Editorial Intern at Midwest Living in Des Moines

Greta Gillen – Editorial Design Intern at Cosmopolitan in New York City

Emily Gregor – Editorial Intern Woman’s Day in New York City

Chance Hoener – Editorial Intern at Texas Monthly in Austin, TX

Tanner Jones – Intern at ESPN in Los Angeles

Lauren Kassien – Editorial Intern at Allrecipes in Des Moines

Giuliana LaMantia – Design Intern at Gannett Design Studio in Des Moines

Molly Lamoureu – Fashion Closet Intern at Harper’s Bazaar in New York City

Molly Longman – Editorial Intern at Los Angeles Magazine in L.A.

Korrie Merley – Bailey Lauerman Advertising Intern in Omaha


Sydney Price – Editorial Intern at Modern Luxury

Katherine Rousonelos – Bailey Lauerman Advertising Intern in Omaha

Linley Sanders – Editorial Intern at The Knot in New York City

Melissa Studach – Editorial Assistant at Midwest Living in Des Moines

Angela Ufheil – Editorial Intern at Iowa Starting Line in Des Moines

Kendall Wenaas – Editorial Intern at Midwest Living and BHG.com in Des Moines

Emily VanSchmus – Intern at Meredith Corporation Crafts Group in Des Moines



Emily Hecker – Newsletter Writer for Martha Stewart Living and Everyday Food in Des Moines

Erin Menardi – Graphic/Web Designer at Blue Frog Dynamic Marketing in Des Moines

Amanda Horvath – Part-Time KCCI Producer in Des Moines

Nicole Kasperbauer – Graphic Production Specialist at AllOver Media in Plymouth, MN

Kayli Kunkel – Graphic Designer at Lexicon Content Marketing in Des Moines

Mario Rossi – Sports News Assistant at the Des Moines Register in Des Moines

Sami Smith – Inbound Marketing Consultant at SparkReaction in Des Moines

Luna Ward – Personal Style Advisor at Men’s Style Lab in Des Moines

Grace Wenzel – Social Media Strategist at Happy Medium in Des Moines